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How to Change a Custody and Visitation Schedule Agreed to During Mediation

Posted in Custody, Divorce Procedure
Change to Custody and Visitation OrderMost cases settle.  That holds true even in divorce cases.  In divorce cases, with the increased use of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, settlement is even more likely. A Change to a Court Determined Custody and Visitation Schedule Requires a Material Change in Circumstances For custody and visitation cases that do not … Continue Reading

Do Virginia Custody and Visitation Cases Favor the Mother?

Posted in Custody
Child CustodyIn custody and visitation cases, one concern often expressed by clients is the worry that courts have a belief that children are best cared for by one parent over the other – most often the mother.  Fathers especially have a fear that when pursuing custody/visitation they are already a step behind simply because they are … Continue Reading