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5 Separation and Divorce Tips from St. Vincent (the Movie)

Posted in Custody, Separation
In the 2014 movie St. Vincent, Maggie and her son Oliver move in next door to Vincent, a grouchy elderly man who likes to spend time smoking, drinking and gambling. Maggie recently separated from her unfaithful husband and has trouble adapting to being a solo parent. Now required to support a family and maintain a … Continue Reading

4 Ways to Keep Your Soon to be Former Spouse Out of Your Home

Posted in Separation
The Scenario: Husband and Wife separate. Husband moves out. Wife, a stay at home mother, remains home with the children. Can Wife change the locks? Can Husband move back home even after moving out? How can Wife keep Husband out of the home? The answers to these questions depend on whether Wife has “exclusive use … Continue Reading

Separated? Here are 5 Ways to Protect Yourself in the Divorce

Posted in Separation
When couples separate, they often agree that the divorce will be amicable. Even if there is little or no property to split, and you and your soon to be former spouse agree on every issue at the time you split, you should still take a few steps to protect yourself. Hopefully no problems will arise … Continue Reading