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How to Change a Custody and Visitation Schedule Agreed to During Mediation

Posted in Custody, Divorce Procedure
Change to Custody and Visitation OrderMost cases settle.  That holds true even in divorce cases.  In divorce cases, with the increased use of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, settlement is even more likely. A Change to a Court Determined Custody and Visitation Schedule Requires a Material Change in Circumstances For custody and visitation cases that do not … Continue Reading

Monitoring Your Spouse’s Communications Could Get You in Trouble

Posted in Divorce Procedure
In late January, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued an order halting the advertising and sale of “StealthGenie”, a “spyware” application (“app”) that could be installed on mobile phones. StealthGenie logged and recorded information such as incoming and outgoing calls, emails and text messages. The information could then be forwarded … Continue Reading

Seeking a Divorce? Here is How Long You Have to Wait.

Posted in Divorce Procedure
  When Can I Get a Divorce? I am often asked about the timing for a divorce. Specifically, when can a divorce take place? How long does one have to wait before filing? Below is the answer. The General Rule: The Waiting Period for a Divorce After you separate, there is a waiting period before … Continue Reading